The Tanzania Association of Travel Agents (TASOTA) is a membership based organization that has represented the interests of Tanzanian travel agents since 14th October, 1980 (under the Societies ordinance, 1954) when its forerunner, the East African Society of Travel Agents, which had been in existence for 22 years was disbanded due to the collapse of the East African Community. TASOTA works to enhance and improve the Travel Industry business climate in Tanzania by promoting the services of her members to the general public, protecting their rights and assisting them to optimize their businesses.

Over 40 IATA accredited Travel Agencies are active members. All these members are bound by TASOTA’s constitution and Code of ethical & professional Standards. While TASOTA promotes free trade without violating rules and regulations, we have a Constitution and Code of Conduct that self-regulates thus providing the consumer with protection and peace of mind. When dealing with a TASOTA member, you are assured of professional service as our members put their integrity on the line by belonging to an organization that prescribes to a strict Code of Conduct.

The Association is a member of the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Association (UFTAA) and the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) and works closely with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Tourism Board and other related Government Parastatals. TASOTA also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship with other aviation industry bodies like the Board of Airline Representatives, Ground Handlers and Tanzania Airport Authority